Sound Bath: What Is It And What To Expect!

What is a Sound Bath?
A sound bath is when you are immersed in sound vibrations. The concept of sound baths stems from the belief that specific frequencies align with the body's energy centers, known as Chakras.
It is believed that certain sound frequencies target an imbalance in specific energy
centers. I am certified in several healing modalities including Reiki, Sound, Foot zoning
and Yoga. As a facilitator of these modalities I have first hand witnessed the benefits of sound baths.

Benefits of Sound Baths
After a sound bath many people may feel calmer and less stressed. Some have reported feeling
looser muscles and experiencing pain relief. Sound baths can provide a greater sense of
relaxation and at times the ability to sleep better. Similar to other meditation types you may leave with improved mood and better body awareness.

What to expect from a sound bath session
I will be using a crystal bowl set, chimes, and pandrum along with other tools to create sound frequencies. There are many tools that are used in sound baths but I will mainly be using a sound bath bowl set.

Many people ask me if it is OK to fall asleep during a sound bath session, and the answer is YES! Listen to your body, falling asleep during a sound bath is a sign that your body is entering
a deep state of relaxation. You can still experience the benefits as you may absorb the effects on a subconscious level.

Each bowl is tuned to a specific note and has a set frequency. This allows the bowls to emit different frequencies to target different areas of the body. The bowls have a hertz of 440. Hertz is a standard measurement of a frequency.

During a sound session you may feel different sensations in the body. You may feel a deep
relaxation come over you. You may feel a warm tingling feeling that brings great comfort.
Everyone will experience a sound bath differently. At times you may have a sensation that feels
unpleasant to you. When the body releases trapped emotions it can feel slightly uncomfortable
and make you a little anxious of what is happening. I would invite you to breathe into the
discomfort and allow the emotion to pass.

What to prepare for a Sound Event.
The event occurring on April 24, 2024 will be 60 minutes long. Please bring anything comfortable to lay on (yoga mat, blanket, or pillow).
The dress code for this event will be anything you are comfortable in. For example: sweat pants and T-Shirt, Yoga Pants, gym shorts, etc. Please avoid attire along the lines of swimwear.